umm....maybe i forgot for a little bit?

yay for family! love it. love them.

i think maybe perhaps i may have forgotten that i created this blog. :) but here i am...here we are...about to take off on separate adventures:

oh my. i am so so SO glad that it is almost spring break. we leave tomorrow to make our way to the bay. we're celebrating nancy and carla's impending wedding with a lovely bridal shower saturday!

after that, robin heads back to OR while i get to lavish in the fine company of my mom and pops for a few days. i can't wait to see two of my favorite people in the entire world! they are simply marvelous...and hilarious...and they make me incredibly happy. i'm super lucky. this i realize is not very common... i am grateful for the time off to spend with these crazies who gave me my wonderful crazy.

THEN...more adventures continue with meemers! plans for a few days in LA: pool, beach, reading, drinking, eating, repeat. i've missed my silly sissy and am so looking forward to getting to see the older sib.

hopefully i'll remember that this blog exists...and i'll be able to post more of our shared adventures!


residential life

At the end of this month and beginning of August, Robin and I will be trying out our next grand adventure. We're moving in to one of the residence halls on campus. That's right. You read correctly.

Why? Well...I started thinking about this when SOU created a gender inclusive floor (in the hall that is adjacent to the one in which we'll be living). I wanted to help be a resource and support person (for the RA of that floor, the other RAs in the complex, and to students in general) to help ensure that it is a positive experience for all.

Luckily for us, there's an apartment--not a standard sized room--that will be our new home. A friend/colleague has dubbed it a "fun-size" apartment, and I think we'll have lots of fun.
In the meantime, we're getting rid of unnecessaries, packing, cleaning, and saying goodbye to our current apartment--and hello to a new way of life.